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Tha Phoulz music licensing store
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Tha Phoulz

About Tha Phoulz: Tha Phoulz

The Sound = Rap, Hip Hop, Hardcore.

The Beat = a variety of: smooth, ‘humping and pumping flavors from the best of old school rhythms and creative original new beats. You gotta mood you want to be in; we got a song to put you there.

The Members = Midoe, Misfit and SenkShot.

The Message = Fun, thought provoking, real and sometimes foolish. Put it on, listen, laugh, think, learn and find your “Aha” moment.

Influences = Ice Cube, Snoop Dog, N.W.A., Public Enemy, Tupac, Run DMC, LL Cool J
Pharmcyde and Ice Tea.

The Evolution = The group originally named the “II Phoulz” with members Midoe and SenkShot up outta Gardena, California. The group added Midoe’s brother, Misfit, becoming “Tha Phoulz. The group combined with the “Backyard of Fools, members Cess and Wigz to produce the album, Phoulz or Fools? Together a variety of sounds, songs, collaborations, thoughts, ideals and concepts are used to create “Beautiful Music”.

The Website = WWW.PHOULZ.COM

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