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Armchair Rockstar

About Armchair Rockstar: At 16, my Dad taught me to play time of your life by Greenday. Since then, i've never looked back.
Over the last few years, i've done stuff in different styles, on different instruments, and with different people. As a result, i feel i've settled on a fairly unique sound. Mainly instrumental acoustic compostitions, I'm constantly trying to develop something further, and in the lack of lyrics, hopefully inspire just as many moods, feelings and emotions as vocals tend to bring. I've an online release of my debut album, 'the indoor alternative to undergraduation', and am currently writing a follow-up, which promises to use less layering, in an effort to construct a live show.
At present, i'm developing that show via the use of loop pedals, and a variety of trickery, so watch this space! Also, i'm in talks with vocalists and string composers in an effort to create a far fuller sound.


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