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About pietropagnes: Pietro was bourn in Padova in 1965.
He moved with his family from Padova to the north east of Italy at the age of 5 years.
He began studying classical guitar at age 8. At 13 ( 1977) was among the leaders of the movement punk/new wave in Italy by participating in ” The Great Complotto”, a sort of collective dream in order to achieve fame and success in the world of music, in the small town of Pordenone located near the US base in Aviano.
At 14 recorded his first record with his youth group starting also the live activity.
Continuing his personal training in a self-taught ,start a musical travel based on study of the instrument, study of the sound , study of harmony and composition, live performances and recording.
In the middle of 90′ he has the chance to mature his musical experience at G.I.T in LA, where he had the possibility to meet the best guitarists, musicians and producers of that period.
At the begin of 2000 he start his activity of producer basing his work on the use of anagogic equipment without neglecting the digital updating.
Today he is working for majors, cinema and tv productions.
Without forgetting the live activity …
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