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Das Blankout

About Das Blankout: Underneath the coats of polish, brilliance and beauty lies a greater story. One that can’t be told overnight. Fascinating as it is mesmerizing – it carries you. That was, is, and always will be: Das Blankout.

Is it because you’ve got time on your hands? Or because your curiosity has been drawn? Finding a diamond in a bucket of coal is no easy task. And Das Blankout didn’t intend to get themselves in that situation, they just arrived at that kind of moment. There’s this trick where you pour water into a bucket to make the coal float, yeah – even a fake diamond would float. They aren’t floating though. They are, however, glad you picked them up… That’s right, pressed between your fingers, up between your eyes, harmonious between your ears – Das Blankout is a true gem to your collection.

It’s raw, inviting and full of surprises. If you’ve never caught a glimpse of a live Das Blankout performance, you are indeed missing out! They connect all their tracks into one colossal masterpiece, giving you a one of a kind experience.

At the current moment, they are preparing for the release of an EP and tour set to unfold in fall 2015. The first single from that EP will be released earlier in the spring, coupled with several performances in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. Stick around!

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