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Spring Heeled Jacks Original Swinging Jass Band music licensing store
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Spring Heeled Jacks Original Swinging Jass Band

About Spring Heeled Jacks Original Swinging Jass Band: The Spring Heeled Jacks Original Jass Band is neither spring heeled, nor a jass band. It is a collection of talented, volunteer musicians, actors, and engineers who gave their time and effort to bring two people''s crazy dreams to life. In late June of 2006, in a tiny cottage, in the small, island town of Port Aransas, Texas, Nathan Dunton recorded 11 scratch tracks with just guitar and vocals for his friend/composer/arranger Josh Morrow.

Almost 11 months later, when their album was completed, nearly 30 different musicians and actors had either spoken, performed, or played on the Bob Hope Show inspired concept album, "The Dicky Comstock Show." All but a few of the musicians were volunteers from the community. There were high school students, architects, laywers, teachers, bar owners, and a Presbyterian minister; and each added their own personality to the recordings. In the end, the Dicky Comstock Show has transcended it''s creators; It has become the collective voice of a small, but incredibly generous and gifted community. Like the people who brought it to life, the Dicky Comstock Show is a fun and eclectic musical experiment. It''s old and young, dark and light, and mixed and matched. From Townes Van Zandt to Leon Redbone, from Slick Rick to Al Jolson, the Dicky Comstock Show paints with a vast musical palette.

It''s concept was inspired by The Bob Hope Show and Prarie Home Companion. It is set up like a late 1930''s variety/talk show with Dicky Comstock acting as the host, Ray''s Magic Foot Powder as the show''s sponsor, and the Spring Heeled Jacks Original Jass Band as the featured act. Dicky Comstock is played by Lloyd Strohm.

The album was recorded at the Third Coast Studio in Port Aransas, arranged and mixed by Nathan Dunton and Josh Morrow, and mastered by Fred Remmert at Cedar Creek Studios in Austin.


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