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About Seb Zillner: Austrian composer and instrumentalist extraordinaire based in Los Angeles, Seb Zillner combines being a professional live and recording artist, with the distinct skills of composing and arranging for motion pictures and music productions from various genres. He gained his fundamental musical knowledge at the Konservatorium Wien (Vienna) Private University and is currently pursuing his Masters in Composition and Jazz Performance at the California State University Fullerton.

Seb Zillner performed with artists like
Michael Bublé, Akil from Jurassic 5, Jim McNeely, Markus Stockhausen, Sixtus Preiss and Scheibsta.

He appears on recordings from
En2ak, Przasnik, Throwing Snow, Hornhub, Scheibsta and Nikodem Milewski.

Seb Zillner has appeared in the top ten Jazz Charts of Austria with Hornhub in December 2013.

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