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Robert Harvey

About Robert Harvey: What I Do

I compose music for visual media including television, radio, audio dramas and YouTube. The work I do is designed to fit in with visual work, therefore it is made in such a way as to sit in the background without attracting too much attention to itself.

Who I Am

I have been writing music for many years on a different stage. Previously I was writing music to be released and performed live. I found what I was doing to be less suited to being enjoyed by people in person but more to accentuate something else going on visually. I've always had a fascination with why things feel the way they do, so taking my music down this avenue seemed only logical.

I am a multi instrumentalist so the music I create will nearly always have organic instruments in them. While I do use samples for things like percussion and string sections etc, I do prefer to stick to real instruments. Rhythms and beats are the only thing that get programmed in, everything else has been played by me in one way or another.

What I Believe

I believe music is the best way to create mood in anything. You can bring your audience to tears or you can express gratitude and any other such emotions via your content and what you use to punctuate your content. My belief is such that if you have a direction you wish to push with regards to feeling, I can provide the icing on the cake.

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