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Yane Solone

About Yane Solone: In less than one year, he is already by the side of Laurent Garnier at La Loco in the beginning of the nineties. He plays in the trendiest places of the time. Seeing he had succeeded in Paris he decides to go abroad; firstly in Greece, then in Morocco, Spain, Portugal and finally in Cuba for the new club-med opening.

In 1998, he comes back to Paris and becomes the official DJ of La Loco and the House evening’s manager. He creates with Simon Soul: Up & Down, Zoo Matchbox, h30+...

In 2000, he decides to launch into composition, settles down in French Riviera for his summer time tour, and there everything begins, he meets Marli. Together they achieve several titles with Leeroy Daevis’ cooperation (Radikal groove) that will help them afterwards for a first production.

Today, signed on the French label Electromix Records, this committed artist releases in 2007 the fantastic and incredibly idyllic title that is “Facing the sea”, which will stay during four months among the 50 best titles broadcasted in the French clubs. His latest title” Your touch” featuring Jerem and Carr is going to be a real hit for the radio and the dance floors as well. “Your touch” is going to be presented to the famous fair (London Calling) in June 2007.

F?te de la musique 2004 alongside David Guetta (Nice Place Maccena) Techno Zone with Didier Sinclair, Jean-M arie K, Storm … In my House with Dan Marciano, Return to the source with Dr No, Ibiza Hype in Corsica with Alexandre Auger.

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