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Metissia.Art music licensing store
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About Metissia.Art: Singer Author Composer (songs, fairytales, operas). Recognized as Visionary & Humanist Artist, in Arts and Concepts.

VOICE : juggling with words from syllable to syllable, in a range of 5 octaves, in everykind of harmonies, rhythms and style of voice.

ALBUMS : produced by famous producers from all around the world like
Aston Barrett (The Wailers- Jamaica and Ras Martin- Berlin)
Rudy Lenners (Scorpions' s ex-drummer- Belgium)
Samuel Hamelin (Universal- Germany)
BMP records (Sony production- London),...

tours Europe, Scandinavia, India, Dubai, Africa
- in festivals, concert halls, forums, theaters, cabarest, discotheques, rave parties,..
- in first part of artists like Tania Maria, Ray Barretto..

- ambiance : fantasy, humor, poetry, deepness, creativity
- music style : cross over : ethno pop fantasy (songs); ethno symphonic (operas)
- on stage : singing, dancing, and acting
- solo concerts (with instrumental audios) or band concerts (8 musicians : voice, bass, guitar, ukulele, violin, sax, drums, percussions)
- option 1 multi-art shows (music, painting, dance, circus, actors, poet...)
- option 2 inter-active with the audience (on stage, whatever the level, in the story of the songs, with accesories at disposal, Metissia share her sateg with the audience)
- studies : musical comedie school "Atelier Fugain" (theater, dance, singing, cinema, realxation)
- writing : poetic, pictoral, philosophical, anthropological...


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