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About Wayraps: Phoenix, Arizona born hip-hop artist, Way, has lived in over thirty-three different cities in over eight different states. Starting at the young age of 14, Way used his mixed ethnic background and diversity to lay the foundation of his musical style. Way started out in 2007 producing, creating instrumentals, sampling, and composing.

Now having progressed and pushing many artistic and creative boundaries, Way has transpired his music since his start in 2007. In the last eight years, Way has flourished as an artist and is now able to write, perform, record, mix and master all his own songs. He is in this industry to inspire and help others. On the side he helps others record, mix and master their songs as well. Way strives to be a musical icon one day, eventually having enough capital to give back by giving different opportunities to others pursuing their dreams.

Way continues to progress each day by pushing past his limits with production and quality. His music is influenced by many different styles, inflections and mentalities. He is very diverse, from boom bap to acid rap, without actually doing acid.

If you want to know more about Way, listen to his music. This is where you will find all of the pain, struggle and thoughts that stem from his creativity when he is in his element. One day, you will find him on TV, radio and on tour. Until then, explore this site and see what musical talent he has to offer.


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