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About Redris: Redris has been dropping clues about his debute album “Set It All On Fire”. Heres what we know so far. Redris is well known for his writing skills. He has penned lyrics for many local and some major acts including ” Phylle, Picasso Varner, Omarion, Sisqo, Chris Michael , Nicole Wray and man more. Redris is also an afiliate of writers ink group collaborating with ” Rapture, La’del Kent, Al West, Jae Da Writer & More”. So Its needless to say Redris will have written the majority of the material on the album. If you ask Redris he will tell you he draws his inspiration from personal experince and living bi-cuirously through others. He invokes imagery and challenges perception through his way with words. He has been writing since elementary school. He started off writing 3 subject notebook horror stories outside of his schoolwork. His teacher from MLK elemetary school of Utica Ny took the time out to grade these goosebump “like” stories. Encouraging him to write even more . God-son of R&B Chris Michael also spilled some ink on tunes ” Love Me Back, Mic Check & She’s Is”. Ralphel Fasion (A.K.A) Kayo of Illicit Vice also shared his racy edge on ” Tomb Raider & Freak”. Bad Boy Larry Carter (A.K.A) Phylle wrote the title track “Set it all on fire”. Silence Seward killed his rhymes on Wishlist . C-Note took Thats what niggas do home with his flow!

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