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The Head of a Girl

About The Head of a Girl: The Head of a Girl is the revisited overture of Glenn A.D., veteran Chicago electronic music producer/ dj. The debut album, "This place is really nowhere.", began to take shape in Glenn's early years, when he first wrote and recorded demos for more than half of the songs on the album. As time passed, Glenn honed his musical skills touring the country as a sought after dj and industrial/techno synth player.

New life was breathed into the project in 2014, when Glenn began writing, producing and recording the other half of the album. Each player participating on this debut album was chosen for their undeniable talent and personal flare to which they've added greatness to each and every song. Many of which have been huge musical influences in Glenn’s early dj and songwriting days.

The Head of a Girl crosses many genres because the players and influences are vast. From Peter Gabriel to Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, Public Image Limited, Portishead, Curve, PJ Harvey, and Depeche Mode. There are hints of classical (mysong, painfully remain) and blues guitar (calling) as well as the staple of electronic, industrial and world rhythms.

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