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About HYPRAKTV: 23 years old, Italian/Puerto Rican, attending FAU in Boca Raton, Florida as a Pre-Med/Pre-Vet major. I started messing around with FL Studio music software in my spare time making electronic/hip-hop type beats. As I learned more about the craft and got to shape my own sort of musical style around what I was making - I got hooked on making beats and it soon became my new favorite hobby. I always have loved music with a passion ever since I was a kid. I played piano for a few years and then stopped, but I still have an ear for good melodies and basslines which helps me create whatever unique sound I'm going for when making my music. I'd like to turn this into something more than just a hobby and make connections with others who share the same interests as me in the world of music. God willing, maybe one day my hobby will have turned into a promising career where I can make a living by doing something I enjoy so deeply and will never get tired of doing. Thanks to all who have seen this for your support. Also please check out my tracks at www.soundcloud.com/hozay_329/tracks... any listens/likes are much appreciated!

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