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About Playboy-T: Born Dec. 5 on the Westside of Chicago as Tyree Leonard b.k.a. Playboy-T, P.T. was a musical child growing up, and at the age of six, Playboy-T was already writing music. After listening to the likes of Michael Jackson, Run DMC, Rob Base, and other artists, he began developing his talent. Having already written music for 6 years, at the age of twelve, Playboy-T ran into BDC. BDC introduced Playboy-T into underground and gansta rap, were they started a group call Parental Guidance 14 a.k.a. PG-14. Playboy-T and BDC then began recording songs like “What I’m is” and their hit “My Life.” Following recording and failing to get a deal from Warner Bros Records, BDC decided to start a label called Divine City Records, and Playboy-T then became president of the label. After some time of struggle the two went their separate ways, and Playboy-T continued to rap as a solo artist. In 2000 Playboy-T then started a label called Unfadeable Records, with a producer/artist by the name of Scandalous whom he met while in Louisiana. Playboy-T found out that Scandalous was from Chicago too, and the two began working on forming the label. Playboy-T is now currently working on getting a deal, and recording his new album “The Rebirth: Plan A,” which is anticipated to be a heavy hitter. If you like real music and real lyrics then you will dig his style of what he calls a gansta and a gentleman.

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