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About Three-Year Day Job: Alexander Lindgren began writing music after the death of his father in 2011. He started with covers of his favorite songwriters, Conor Oberst, Portugal. The Man, and Modest Mouse. As he found his voice he began to branch out into his own songs. These songs have largely been a method of grieving for the young songwriter, but have coalesced into something greater than the initial theme.

Three-Year Day Job is intended to conjure up images of an endless desk position; the daily grind in which there is no real advancement and nothing gained or lost. The desk job is a kind of purgatory and Alexander dresses the part at each of his shows, in full suit and tie; also toting around his musical equipment in a briefcase.

In order to create a fuller sound and live presence, he began using a Nintendo Gameboy and a program called Little Sound DJ: a four channel subtractive synthesizer and step sequencer. Using the 8-bit aides, sings to a synthesized bass, melody, and drum track while playing along with deft fingers on his hollow-body guitar or banjo.

The music created by Three-Year Day Job strives to have the emotional depth and honesty of Bright Eyes, and the over-the-top musicianship of bands such as The Fall of Troy or the Dodos.

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