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Chris Frost music licensing store
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About Chris Frost: Chris has been composing since the age of 11, (teaching since the age of 14) when he picked up the Guitar and his first computer simultaneously. He has considered both as his instruments for composition ever since.

Studying Classical Guitar at the Royal School of Music, Musical Theatre at the Miskin Theatre in Dartford, Contemporary Musics at Bretton Hall College, as well as advanced Guitar and Theory from the legendary Chris Broderick of Megadeth, Chris Frost has had a passion for composition from day one. With the exception of a small covers band at the age of 14, Chris had only ever been interested in original composition from a variety of genres, but had been particularly influenced by Rock and Metal, along side the scores of Computer Games, TV and Film.

Some of Chris' released work include:-

- High Force (British Film, 1999)
- Worlds3D.com (Score for online game/chat, 1999)
- Ishtaan (Online game in Australia, 2000)
- Film Score: A Perfect Couple (Chinese Film, 2001)
- Splintered Soul - Festival EP (2012)
- Splintered Soul - Lore (TBA)

Chris Frost endorse the following companies: Ernie Ball Inc, Schecter Guitar Research, ENGL Amplification, Fractal Audio Systems, Bare Knuckle Pickups, Graph Tech Guitar Labs, Kazrog LLC, Pedalboardlabels.com and Martin Hobby Photography.


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