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About ThatGirlMair: ThatGirlMair, is an American singer, songwriter, model and actress. Her commercial credits include Apple, Purina, LG, Western Digital, Microsoft, AT&T and J.W. Marriott. She has appeared on MTV in music videos for artists such Mike Posner in "I Took A Pill In Ibiza," Olivia Holt in "Phoenix," and DJ Nytirx featuring DEV in "Electric Walk." She has also been feature in many more music videos including Secret Weapons' video "Something New," DJ Nytrix featuring Neon Hitch's "When Will I See You Again," and Lukas Graham's "Drunk In The Morning."

Musically she is described as eclectic, emotional and interesting; a bright, multi- talented performer who fearlessly infuses her soul and playfulness into a masterful melodic, lyrical flow that synthesizes the best of pop, hip hop and electronic dance. ThatGirlMair has the talent and potential to shatter all assumptions about what a new artist can achieve, as she delivers the emotionally powerful, infectiously fun playlist soundtrack to her personal story of an adolescent struggle with peer pressures, coming-of-age societal expectations and daring to be different. 

Blending a fresh vocal styling, ThatGirlMair’s natural optimism provides her the gift of resilience and the courage to share her perspective as she looks back, learns and laughs, and continues tackling serious subjects with a light heart. 
ThatGirlMair is currently located in Los Angeles, California. 

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