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Victory Through Sound

About Victory Through Sound: Charged with a desire to make ‘big-on-melody’ epic and anthemic guitar songs, Andy Vaughan (Ex – 90s hopefuls Boy Girl Soup) formed Victory Through Sound with Spencer Parker (various 90s post punk bands) during the winter of 2015. With a vision to craft wide-open expansive songs, Vaughan and Parker spent 2016 writing and recording demos and piecing together the remainder of the band. Michael Groves
(Ex – Crystal Trip) joined on bass guitar mid 2016 and in the autumn, Al James (The Clooneys) completed the line-up on Drums.

Notably in 2016, the band was approached by Lester Square (Ex Adam and the Ants, The Monochrome Set) and together they wrote the instrumental piece, Ricochet. Further to this, the band
demoed Circus Girl featuring guest lead vocals by James Atkin,
Ivor Novello winner and frontman to the globally successful band EMF. Circus Girl will be Victory Through Sound’s debut release in
Spring 2017.

Victory Through Sound write about memories of childhood and youth, hope, fear and courage, and even the film icon Steve McQueen in the song The World Has Lost All Colour.

Andy Vaughan – Sings/Guitars
Spencer Parker – Guitars
Michael Groves – Bass Guitar
Al James – Drums/Percussion

Music to conquer mountains and reach the poles.
Born out of style and adventure.

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