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About Ijo&Shalter: ‘ljo&Shalter‘ is a music duo featuring Dan Hurovich and Jonathan Alter. Originating from the southern corner of Israel, Eilat, nowadays they are Tel Aviv based, breathing in the humid sea air and creating music.

Their Classically trained background, with a vast exposure and influences to various music genres featured at the internationally renowned 'Red Sea Jazz Festival', left it's mark on the aspiring musicians.
The duo members also co-founded and preformed with Eilat based rock groups 'Deshe' and 'Chaos'.
All of the above created a unique collaboration the two singers/drummers/producers, giving birth to the Ijo&Shalter project.

Combining electronic and acoustic elements, Ijo&Shalter take a different approach to the Ambient/Down-tempo Genre.

The debut album “Be Original”, soon to be released, is a collaboration of electronics, acoustic, jazz, rock, latino and many other sounds and flavors.
The prominent characteristic of the album is the 'Story-Telling ' kind of attitude to the music, making this album unique.

At this moment the guys are busy working on ‘Ijo&Shalter Live’ performance, showing across Israel and Europe soon.

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