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Trans-Pacific Noise Club

About Trans-Pacific Noise Club: After a working relationship spanning 4 years, that included performances across Canada for audiences of to upto 30,000 and key performances on national television, acclaimed London, Ontario, Canada-based Metis producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Niiko Soul and first generation Chinese-Canadian vocalist and songwriter The 3MPR355, together known as Trans-Pacific Noise Club, partnered to create a collaborative, cutting edge, cross-cultural production duo for the ages. Their debut EP, ‘Liù Liù Liù,’ features vocals in Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and English. The songs are built on top of a soundscape that is both colourful and eccentric as well as distinctly contemporary, featuring innovative production; mixing a variety of current sounds from the East and West. The lyrical content reflects the young, vibrant, confident creative cultures and lifestyles of today’s youth on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. The hard-hitting Cantonese hip-pop single ‘Tick Tick Boom,’ was released in March of 2016 with very little expectation. The song went on to be picked up by Sirius Satellite Radio internationally and is streamed in countries across the world. It also became one of the first songs, performed in Cantonese, to receive airplay on a Top 40 radio station in Canada. A majority of the project was conceived after Soul spent the summer of 2016 residing in China. With no blueprint to go off of, this project creates a new identity all of it’s own.

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