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Nicholas Penn

About Nicholas Penn: Nicholas Penn is a progressive folk musician from Lexington, KY. Born in Mexico to Baptist missionaries, and studying music and social movements, Penn is a musician on a mission. Penn’s specialization is songwriting for social causes and human empowerment, generally through the story of his own struggles to be a good human. Penn is also the Regional Director of Sales for The Weekly Juicery and former Director of Local First Lexington. His current focus is finding synergy between music, the health food movement, and yoga. Penn’s debut EP “Ill EAGLE” dropped in April 2017, channeling Folk/Rock/Reggae/Pop influences.
“Nicholas Penn is captivatingly modest. His music marries quietly masterful guitar playing with wistful narratives that question the state of our interior and exterior worlds — all the while remaining wryly hopeful. His music is disarming… and that’s not an accident. He’d like to see less fighting and more love in the world. His confident music inspires a shred of hope that things could turn out that way.”

Mick Jeffries, WRFL - Trivial Thursdays

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