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Nostromo 7

About Nostromo 7: Nostromo7 PROFILE:
The band has 2 members, Peter Lipovics (lipi) & Gabor Szabo (gabn)
at the moment. Our cooperation goes back to an earlier time, when we started
to put our thoughts into shape. This is what we call the ICEFLOWERS (1998-2002)
period. It was more than a music group, it was a creative gathering. At that time
we just got the first contact to a mystical world that formed our artless sounds
and our uncoloured words.
Beside this we had some attempts to work with others and other bands.
Afterwards in 2004 NOSTROMO 7 came into life. In that term Josef Stapel
had a main role as a singer, writer and designer. After a reconsidered 2006
Josef left the group.
We began 2007 in order to show others the world that keeps us composing
in its clear-out way. In this course we will use our old ideas as well
as our new-born thoughts…

Sincerely: Peter Lipovics (music composer |\| sound designer)
Gabor Szabo (words |\| speech-vocal |\| designer)

More info.: www.nostromo7.com

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