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Nick Shelton

About Nick Shelton: For Nick Shelton, Music and words to fill in the space have come naturally since childhood. Nick has always possessed an overactive imagination. Growing up on the outskirts of both towns he lived in, only gave his mind more time to wander. Born in Summersville, WV, a small town in the south central region of the state whose economy relies mostly on the coal industry and tourism from the states natural beauty, he grew up surrounded by rural tranquility. Never an overachiever in school, he actually almost failed fourth grade due to a "total lack of interest." His first attempts at a musical education went poorly, he failed his fifth grade Music Class, and opted out of Band in Middle School after earning D-, still music was important to Nick, he just hadn''t yet discovered how. While many of his family members are musicians, his mother''s father was his biggest and earliest musical influence; he played guitar and harmonica and played a lot of traditional tunes, along with Jimmie Rodgers, Mac Wiseman and the Sons of the Pioneers songs After taking a music class that introduced him to guitar in 8th grade, he picked up a guitar that had been sitting around the house that his grandfather had brought over a few years earlier for his older brother. He kept practicing and by the end of 9th grade had the hang of it, mostly.He played in a few bands in high school, nothing to serious just playing at parties and practicing, trying to attract girls. He started taking songwriting more seriously and by around 11th grade classic artists known for great songwriting like the Grateful Dead, The Beatles, and especially Bob Dylan and John Prine, began to sink in. By senior year people said Nick could write great songs so he figured he''d go to one of the big music cities, thought it over, considered going to NY, Boston, or LA, but in the end decided to come to Nashville, partly because of his love of classic country music and country living. He went to college at MTSU in Murfreesboro, just outside of Nashville. There he studied Recording Business and Graduated despite being on Academic Probation after his freshmen year. The Boro years were a crazy time in his life, lots of parties, growth as a musician and a writer, some disappointments, but all and all many great memories to draw from. Now living in beautiful East Nashville, Nick is trying to get his songs across to anyone who wants to listen to a folk rocker in the 21st century. He is proud to work in the music industry and to have his own talent and a desire to share it with others. He is eternally chasing that perfect song, and has to believe that someday he''ll catch it.

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