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About Fanu: Fanu got into jungle and drum and bass in the mid-nineties, which he considers a seminal period in terms of shaping the backbone of drum and bass as well as his own drum-and-bass-mindedness in the process. Artists such as Photek, Tek9, Source Direct, Goldie, Roni Size, and labels such as Metalheadz and Good Looking Records, to mention the most important ones, were largely responsible for making Fanu’s style what it is today.

Fanu's downtempo material resembles drum and bass but which still falls outside the definition of drum and bass.
“In downtempo I find endless possibilities for musical ideas: if compared to drum and bass, it has a bit more space for playfulness and limitlessness,” he admits.
“My biggest downtempo influence must’ve been the smokey 'triphop' I heard in the nineties. But basically, into downtempo I pour all my non-dnb influences - and repressions and frustrations, hah! In terms of ideas and soundscapes, I owe a great deal to Future Sound of London, Underworld, Dj Shadow, Dj Krust, Amon Tobin, and many more.”

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