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Love Me Electric

About Love Me Electric: Love Me Electric is a pop/rock collaboration conceived in the south suburbs of Chicago, IL. Comprised of members from other late Chicago based rock bands, Love Me Electric presents a tightly knit outfit of members with influences ranging from classic rock to classical symphony music.

Love Me Electric's debut EP, "Medicine and Magic," was recorded during the week of Christmas in 2005 at Gravity Studios in Chicago with engineer George Balogi. The EP features the band member's first attempts to capture the magic experienced at their early shows and practices. "Our goal was to take 4 of our favorite songs and track them with the same energy present at our previous performances. However, we did not want to sacrifice the professional studio sound. Our debut EP’s title, "Medicine and Magic" reflects that vision. It was derived from a phrase used in Northstar’s song "American Living," commented band member Joe Nicorata.

"Medicine and Magic" was pressed in March of 2006 through Breakthrough Audio (Chicago, IL). The band then began their lengthy promotion campaign. "We are all new at this aspect of the job. It is not complicated to play shows and record songs, but when it comes time to promote our music, we all are somewhat stabbing in the dark. Promotion is an aspect of being in a band that is often most overlooked, yet in reality, it contributes most to your success rate. "With each coming day, we strive to have our music heard by more individuals," commented band member Dan Nicorata.

From March 2006, to the summer short lived thereafter, Love Me Electric has played many shows and shared the stage with many larger acts such as "Lucky Boys Confusion," "All Time Low," "Cartel," "The Secret Handshake," and "This Providence." Even though every member is a full time college student, Love Me Electric has plans to tour the Midwest over the summer of 2007.

Scott Irvine of AbsolutePunk.net spoke these powerful words about Love Me Electric’s debut EP in a recent review. "It captures the band’s upbeat swagger, proving they can outshine even the genre’s Warped Tour veterans. Those who regret jumping on the Fall Out Boy bandwagon too late (read: you poser!) should have a go with these Chicago-ians. There’s something high-voltage about them that just may shock pop-rock back into full-force."

The band has compiled a concept based debut full-length album tentatively titled, "The Sunrise". "We have finished etching out plans for a full length with more than enough songs to choose from. Due to insufficient funds and no label support we have no plans to record as of right now. When the time is right we will track to our full potential" - Joe Nicorata

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