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The People's String Foundation music licensing store
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The People's String Foundation

About The People's String Foundation: One of the most expressive and bohemian bands in the country, The Peoples String Foundation generates energy and excitement everywhere they perform.

This dynamic project is inspired by two musical minds: Ben Sutcliffe (a multi-instrumentalist and Jazz singer) who specialises in virtuoso violin styles from Classical to Roots; and Zaid Al-Rikabi (a world/blues guitarist and vocalist) who has an itch for the epic!

The Peoples String Foundation is a band, a collective, a writing partnership and a vision. The debut album 'Making Waves' is a concept album with various styles of Roots and Modern influences glued together with an intricate and expressive violin section. The result is the story/fable of a single wave (made from a falling leaf) and it's journey towards the sea. The Peoples String Foundation is inspired; by the people they meet, the experiences of life on the road, and the global theatre of the present day, and their mission is clear.....


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