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Paul Kwitek

About Paul Kwitek: Paul kwitek Biography

It seems only natural that Paul Kwitek would enbark into the electronic music world with his past early chilhood experiences with tape recorders,record players ,and keyboards, Paul Kwitek was enthralled with the power and complexities of the Electronic music he purchased or heard at nightclubs ,concerts,raves.

in 1995 he decided to put his interest and love for music into a slow but steady climb up the latter to become more than just a passionate fan of the music he adores. Paul K completed and produced his first piece of music in 1995. Simultaneously, he started compiling influential contacts in the industry and local scene. Since then hes been at it nonstop, undertaking everything from writing dance tracks to producing music for films and tv commercials if he is not making music he is searching for music as the Label A&R for Existence Records . Pauls previouslly earned diploma in Audio Engineering From Trebas Institute( Toronto) ,and a strong knowledge of music fundamentals (Royal Conservatory of music) gave him the ability to begin what will be a promising lifetime project.

Paul introduced him self on the world stage at the beginning of 2004 with a debut release Dont Forget remixed by Santiago Nino & Francis Davila following the original a remix of Habersham Into the M on Existence Records was released , from that point on Paul has been steadily working on various projects some rescent works like Art G & Justin Xaras remix of All the answers, gained support from many talented djs and electronic music Fans.Additional work includes a single titled Voodooman feat Michelle Chivers which was released in August 2006 on Existence records.

In february of 2007 Paul finished remixing Deep Forests Sweet Lullaby. This release is also available from Existence Records. When Paul Is asked to define his musical style in general, he remains hesitant, insisting that the strong, lucid sound of his tracks and their aptly named titles speak for themselves. Its nearly impossible to explain and define a movement thats evolved and branched out so much. Paul Says. Adding music no longer has boundries based on genres it is all very subjective,Electronic music has spread so far which gives the writer/performer a wider artistic freedom much needed in this new era of music around the world today. I love everything from classical to alternative,my inspiration is every single piece of music I heard since I was young.

When Paul Is not in the studio he kicks back in front of his favorite instruments a pair of turntables and a mixer, The monthly Proton radio show Titled Existence hosted by Paul alongside Poland's Finest Janicki and Langner has created quite an audience amongst electronica listeners, the shows focus is to introducing some of the worlds best up n coming Talent with an occasional support from industries leaders Existence broadcast can be heard every month exclusively from protonradio.com .

Paul Kwiteks slow but steady climb up the ladder in the music production field looks very promising for the future ,More projects are now in the progress which include more work with Deep Forest and collaboration with Roxanne Morganstern ,Paul Kwitek he has earned a place among some of the best,and has proven himself worthy of a talented musician bound to make eternal and unfading contributions to the musical world and its artistic aproach to life. For more information please visit www.paulkwitek.com

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