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Shinjuku Zulu

About Shinjuku Zulu: "FOUR STARS. Breaks,house,reggae, exotic vocals...Shinjuku Zulu is a cd that warrants repeated listens" -MONTREAL GAZETTE

"FOUR STARS. Sheer brilliance, haunting vocals...top ten CDs of the year" -THE GLOBE & MAIL

"'' ...high tech boom cut with voodoo...the most casually efficient encapsulation of culture clash we''ve ever heard... ''Shanghai Masai'' featuring Shankhini, is stark skittering electronic hip hop [that segues from] M.I.A. to Prince..." - Anti-Hit List "The best new music outside the mainstream" -TORONTO STAR

"Impressive...create[s] three-headed songs by grafting cultures onto collaged beasts that growl with different tongues..."Be My Woman Be My Man" comes replete with DFA grooves and Herbert snorts..."We Do Supersonic" and "Dirty Liar" will have your dance floor moving..."Rainbowbeau" sees Larissa Gomes bouncing her voice off soft clouds of pizzicato strings...my favorite is "Make Me Shake" [with] sentences that say so incredibly much with so little...as devastating as anything else this year...often surprising... Make Me Shake, Da Riddim Griffin, and Coal Coal Black [are] fantastic." -COKEMACHINEGLOW

"...especially ambitious trans-continental mash-ups...melds components elegantly into compositions that sound surprisingly natural...great moments, like when "Make Me Shake" leaps from synth-shamisen-encrusted grime-pop to reggae to tango, "Dirty Liar", the surprisingly listenable country-electro-hip-hop number ("Chemical Brothers, Dust Brothers, O Brother, quips the song''s ven diagram), astonishes when it slides seamlessly all the way into banjo-driven folk, "Massive Ballerina" manages to dodge effortlessly from spacey computer-narrated-ambiance to rolling techno-rock...Stick-in-your-head melodies and enough stylistic ADD to stay fresh..."Various Chimeras" is on solid footing in the current mash-up-informed, pop cultural petri-dish." -POPMATTERS

""Various Chimeras" is a cosmopolitan musical sponge...a smooth, electronic pastiche featuring hippie sloganeering and rave-ready sensory overload.... The strongest cut is "Shanghai Masai", and though "Make Me Shake (Gimme Some Crush Crush)" is immature, car-commercial electronica, braver fare like the choral/hip-hop of "My Man Amen" or Kraut-rocking "We Do Supersonic" play to Shinjuku Zulu''s strengths..." -EYE Magazine

"Various Chimeras" (2006) 19 tracks, multiple vocalists, featuring "Make Me Shake", "We Do Supersonic", "Coal Coal Black"
"Shinjuku Zulu" (2001) 15 tracks, multiple vocalists, featuring "That Groove", "Segue", "Yedayed"

This artist also records as K.I.A.

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