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About Subground: As a member of unsophisticated family born in Turkey, Subground’s initial interest in music was sparked during his childhood. In 2003 he decided to create his own tracks and cultivate his own music. Constantly searching for the perfect sound, he usually finds himself traveling between the notes without sticking to the regimes of a single genre. Listening to new and different music all the time, what he hears provides a launching pad for his own work. Subground aspires toward catching the feelings of the producers he listens to. He tries to understand and convey what they’re thinking when they produce. Subground shares what is meant to be.

For Subground the notes and details of a track are unimportant. What is crucial for him is to cultivate common feeling and excitement for people everywhere in the world, regardless of color and religion. He wants to create the feeling that makes you press play again and again.

“There is not any nirvana in music also no there will be no end,” Subground explains. “In fact, as producers what we do is share the feeling of happiness, the excitement and the complexity deep inside each of us by the help of the notes. In the name of all producers Thanks to all listeners who became one heart with us...”

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