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About Edwin: 'I've always believed in that saying,' says Edwin, 'and to make music was always my dream.'
Edwin’s third solo album, Better Days, is a positive, reflective album written while the platinum-selling singer-songwriter took a retreat from the spotlight - for almost four years, without recording or performing live. The time had an effect as Edwin emerged rejuvenated, and inspired to produce an album that is without a doubt the best work of his career. I thought Better Days was a good title because I have gone through a pretty challenging series of events that hit home on every level, says Edwin.

Edwin put his heart and soul into this album, produced in Toronto by Jeff Dalziel and engineered by Denis Tougas, both of whom worked with the singer on his last album, 2002s Edwin And The Pressure. The two actually co-wrote with Edwin the songs "Eyes of a Child" and Better Days, which was the last lyric Edwin wrote for the album. I wanted to keep it positive. Theres so much negativity around all the time and I dont need to contribute to it, Edwin says.

Better Days includes the requisite love or love-lost songs. The first single, an acoustic and piano-based Right Here, which is essentially about a boy and girl in different worlds; girl doesnt know boy exists, Edwin says succinctly. Another, Thats A Lie, reflects almost every relationship hes been in, particularly the last. You told me you were leaving and I said I didnt mind/Thats a lie is the key line. That sums it up, says Edwin. You play tough, but after shes gone you feel a large part of yourself is missing.

Two songs on Better Days both stunning in their own way are more specific and have the potential to make an enormous impact. Never Over, the lead track, is a unique, percussive, jangly rocker that was inspired by a childhood friend who left this world too early when he was just 21. Edwin has long had closure, but wanted to write a thank you or a gift to that person, with whom he shared his first passion for music. Eyes, on the other hand, is a beautiful, stirring piano-based ballad, sparse, angelic and mournful, that will touch any person who has lost a loved one.

Edwin played acoustic guitar and some percussion; Gary Craig came in on drums; Kenny Cunningham on bass; Jeremy Kelly on guitar, and Dalzeil added piano and some guitars. Guests included guitarist Ian Thornley on several tracks; Rolling Stones keyboardist Chuck Leavell on Eyes; singer Alexander Slate; singer Dave Thomson (ex-Wave); Tupelo Honey bassist Steve Vincent; and the aforementioned Lifeson who creates some beautiful guitar textures and atmosphere on Light Reflects and Eyes.

Interestingly, Better Days contains the first song Edwin ever wrote as a solo artist back in 1997 the trippy, atmospheric Light Reflects and subject-wise, it couldnt be more fitting to put on an album now. Its about how the light comes from within you and how other people will gravitate towards it, says Edwin, and everything youve done in life has led you to the moment youre at now every little step, every little corner, every decision youve made.

And for Edwin, those steps, corners and decisions have led to Better Days.

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