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Rockett Queen

About Rockett Queen: In a time where a good ROCK band is as hard to find as an honest lawyer, one band stands tall to take on the task of bringing the ROCK!

Walter Lee - Vocals/Guitar
Chris Wild - Lead Guitar
Stephen Doll - Bass
CC Harte - Drums

Together these four formed Rockett Queen in the image of rock heros Marvelous 3, Lit, Aerosmith & Kiss, with the spirit of a young GNR, Motley Crue & Poison. Expect nothing less than pure rock and roll. When it comes to live shows, many so-called "rock bands" take for granted their purpose is not only to play for themselves, but for the people. Some bands may feel less is more, or great music alone brings a great show, but that's not the case with RQ. What can you expect at a RQ show? Flying picks, twirling sticks and a rock 'n' roll party you're all invited to. "We believe if you're gonna pay money to see us, we'd better give you your money's worth"- says Chris Wild when asked about their live show. "It's all about FUN"- adds CC. With thousands of live shows under their studded belt, RQ are not amateurs to giving a rock-starved crowd what they want, "Damn, why are my ears still ringing?" Stephen smiles while admitting, "We are definitely a rock band, a LOUD rock band." "All things can best be summed up like this," interjects Walter Lee, "People want that larger than life rock band...they want their rock and roll hero's again, and we want to be the band to do it"

With the release of their debut record Too Rock For Radio in late 2003, Rockett Queen has won over fans and critics alike. Having played over 1,000 shows, including several Warped Tour appearances as well as sharing the stage with the likes of Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Story Of The Year, Bowling For Soup, Autopilot Off, Coheed and Cambria, Thrice, Bad Religion, The Sounds, Senses Fail, My Chemical Romance and Thursday, Rockett Queen has quickly been recognized as one of the hardest working bands in Texas. So its no surprise that RQ pulled not one, but two nominations for 97.1 the Eagles "2003 Local Show Awards". And if you turn on your TV you might catch the title track from Too Rock For Radio as Fox 51s station ID. RQ has also seen steady internet growth over the last year, receiving up to and sometimes over 80,000 hits per month to their website. Also winning Fox/Myspace.com/Windup Records unsigned band contest. Rockett Queen's "The Next Big Thing" earned a feature in the John Tucker Must Die movie, as well as a spot on the soundtrack. Alongside bands such as The All American Rejects, Cartel, Ok Go, Nada Surf and many other great bands. Released nationaly on Windup Records. It seems if you live in or around the state of Texas, you can't get away from RQ. So why try?

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