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Kara Square

About Kara Square: Kara Square is a ukulele slinging nerd who will write a song about anything. Kara released her first solo folk pop album, Love Songs for Everyone but Especially Uke, in March of 2013. She is currently composing an ongoing instrumental album called Ukulele Duels by sharing the tracks as they are created.

Kara Square loves collaborations. She released a Tex-Mex guitar and ukulele surfer pop rock album with Piero Peluche (Italian multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, and producer) called Square Meter in January of 2014. She has produced music with Rich Ratvasky as Team Smile and Nod since 2004 (Look Both Ways Before You Die [2008], Mourning Time [2011], Dust from the Stars [upcoming album release]). Kara Square has been remixed over 480 times on the international Creative Commons remix website ccMixter.org.




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