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Sublunar Minds

About Sublunar Minds: Sublunar Minds is a Manhattan based rock ensemble, rooted in jazz and funk, and featuring the songs and guitar of New York composer Ben Casaubon, the unique harmonica and horn stylings of local legend Frank Vigilante, and the guitar of Chris Farrell (long an NYC mainstay leading critically acclaimed groups such as the world jazz Ritmo Collective), the low down grooves of Pinky Mindez, the Bass Warrior himself, and the rock solid drumming of Italian bred Sebastiano Agostino. Noted for high energy live performances, Sublunar Minds is sometimes compared with bands such as Dave Matthews, The Beatles, Steely Dan, and Soul Coughing. Leading music bloggers have called Sublunar Minds' songs "music to put you in orbit," and asserted "this is a band that defies any categorization other than 'talented' or 'good.'"

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