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The Jupiter Deluxe

About The Jupiter Deluxe: When Neon Thrills broke up in 2005, frontman Mark Rinzel (vox/bass) became another orphan of the New York scene. Lost in a sea of $90 haircuts, Rinzel discovered fellow wayward Guided By Voices-fan Colin Grubb (guitar), who had just moved to New York for no good reason, in a basement on Stanton Street. The two liked each other.

By some stroke of extreme good fortune, drummer Tommy DeVito fell into the mix by way of a short-lived, ridiculously named Led Zeppelin-tribute band (The Back Door Men) the boys had thrown together. After a successful rendering of Zeppelin's II at Arlene's Grocery, the group decided to rock out their own material. The Jupiter Deluxe formed in February 2006.

The result? A hybrid of select 60's/70's vinyl classics, with a healthy dose of indie-rock self-awareness for good measure. You'll hear traces of The Beatles, AC/DC, Oasis, Cheap Trick, The Kinks, Sugar, Guided By Voices, Big Star, Tom Petty, Raspberries, The Animals, The Jam, The Who, Badfinger, David Bowie, U2, T. Rex, The Knack, The Stone Roses, and The Verve. You may wonder why no one else bothered to throw all that together for you. Or you may just be grateful they did.

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