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About PISTOL OPERA: PISTOL OPERA is the sonic partnership of Eli Braden and Toby Semain, two amazingly talented dudes who have lived and breathed music since they were old enough to play tennis rackets in a mirror.

Pistol Opera's intense, melodic rock seamlessly fuses musical influence from the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, the Stooges, Cheap Trick, early Van Halen, Stone Temple Pilots, and Foo Fighters. Lyrically, Pistol Opera set themselves apart from typical rock 'n' roll dumb-dumbs with a clever and humorous intelligence a la Morrissey and Eminem.

Frustrated by a world where most albums feature only two or three decent tunes at best, Pistol Opera are ALL about the songs. Braden and Semain work their asses off to ensure every track off the P.O. assembly line meets rigorous performance standards. Can you run a marathon in record time to the rockers? Can you have the best sex of your life to the soaring anthems? How damp is the average pair of panties as one of their elegant ballads ends? These are the kinds of tough questions Pistol Opera pose to themselves during the forging of each and every musical nugget.

L.A.-based Braden and Semain write, record, and produce their music almost completely on their own. The pair shares creative input on song structures, chord changes, melodies, and what to have for lunch. Braden is the singer (and bassist), and handles the bulk of the lyrics. Semain is a phenomenal guitarist AND drummer (although not at the same time); he also engineers and produces the band's recordings. Band friend Mike Stromsoe expertly mixes the finished product.

Pistol Opera released their self-titled debut in 2007. Songs from the album appeared on ABC and PBS, in a feature film, and in several other less-impressive media. Two of the tracks reached the Top 4 in consecutive sessions of the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Contest ('07 and '08). Mike Smith (star of Canada's hit TV comedy "Trailer Park Boys") loved their album so much he flew the band 3,600 miles at his own expense to Halifax, Nova Scotia to play at his popular nightclub "Bubbles' Mansion." No doot they had a good time, eh?

Pistol Opera are currently recording their next two albums simultaneously, both of which they hope to have out before the end of 2008 (or at least before Guns n' Roses release "Chinese Democracy.")

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Play Song Daddy Was a Disco Dancer Lyrics

Uploaded by: elibraden
Written by: Elijah Braden

Well your daddy should’ve stayed in high school
And your mama should’ve never been kissed
Set a bomb off at prom, now they got you on the run
You’re the one they never should’ve dissed
What the hell is happening? / It’s driving you insane
You’re a suicide machine on a teenage dream
It just fills you full of violence and rage
Yeah and I don’t understand what’s going on

Well your daddy was a disco dancer
And your mama was another man
Well they called it a crime, but you turned out fine
Now they’re telling you your family’s a sham
What the hell is happening? / What would Jesus say?
Should you cut off the balls of their voodoo dolls?
And remember always neuter and spay
Yeah and I don’t understand what’s going on

Well I wish I could’ve stayed in high school
Life is moving just a little too fast
It could turn on a dime if we’d just get signed
But these people are a pain in the ass
What the hell is happening? / It’s driving me insane
When you live 9 to 5, you’re not even alive
And I’m drowning in the cheapest champagne
Yeah and I don’t understand what’s going on
Yeah and I don’t understand what’s going on
Yeah and I don’t understand – NO!
Real … slow …

Who’s your daddy?
Is he your bitch like me?
I wanna know – HEY!

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