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Play Song If You're Gonna Leave Lyrics

by: Leila
Uploaded by: leilasworld
Written by: Leila and Bobbi (Funkeeboy) Tammaro

If You're Gonna Leave (c)(p)2010

Lyrics: Leila
Music: Leila and Funkeeboy
Produced By: Funkeeboy
Published By: Power Of One Music (ASCAP/SGAE)and Funkee Boy Music (SESAC)

He doesn't notice her
or take the time
he ignores her tears
and doesn't hold her close at night
she has no warm hellos
or sad good-byes
going through the motions
with a baby he denies

If you're gonna leave
hold your head high
take control
you can make it on your own
if you're gonna leave look deep inside
and you'll know
you were meant to make it

Across the city working 9-5
giving up on dreams he dreamt
when he was just a child
no one believed in him
he lost his way
but inside he knows
he'll find the strength
to fly one day

(Repeat chorus)

This time is your time to let go
spread your wings rise higher
this time is your time
search your soul
and you'll know

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