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Go On Green

Website: www.reverbnation.com/goongreenband2012
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About Go On Green: Bringing back Pop Punk two friends who have been playing music off and on together since 2003 have combined elements of Punk and hip hop to get their unique sound. Pop Punk is back.

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Play Song Mine Tonight Lyrics

by: Go On Green
Uploaded by: goongreenband2012
Written by: Brett Fields/Kevin McDee

Driving down the highway late in the afternoon,
Trying to make my way all the way to you.
I'm going to make it all the way.
Getting more anxious as I pick up my phone,
I hear your voice I don't want to be alone,
I'm not going to be alone.

No reason to put up a fight,
I'm going to make you mine tonight.
One look in my eyes,
And you'll be mine tonight.
We'll start out nice and slow,
Getting faster as we go.
Close the door and turn out the lights,
I'm going to make you mine tonight.

I'm getting closer and closer to seeing you,
Looking at my GPS I know I'll see you soon.
You'll be in my arms real soon.
I'll hold you like tomorrow will never come,
With you I can never get enough.
I'll never get enough of you

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