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About Scotch: please visit my myspace page at myspace.com/scotch355 for my bio.

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Play Song One Day At A Time Lyrics

by: Scotch
Uploaded by: scotch355
Written by: Daniel Williams

1st verse
from the moment i met u baby/ i knew you were special baby/my anchor shawty/shit get deep u hold me down i'm thankful for ya/ commotion trippin,overcome by devotion commitment/emotions turned friendship/into something explosive didn't it/blew up as we grew as one/now i know that u that one/we were from two different places/bridging a gap with too many spaces/ i know how to fill that void/ i know how to kill that noice/this ring will yield them voices/shield you from all that poison/hooki'm in love(with you)/you're in love(with me)/everything will be fine(if we take it)/one day at a time(we can make it)/ i belong (with you)/you belong(with me)/i am blessed to have you in my life/2nd versenow it can only get better than this i'm so convinced girl i'm sure/wheneva were together i'm this, so content so secure/ more mature since i dealt with u/it's more than joy that i felt with u/if it rains i'll shelter u/share ya pain and help u though/our fight our goals/our life our souls/our space our home/our place our thrones/my black queen deserves that ring/and that means she's worth asking/ a four word question(will u marry me?)/i already have ya your father's blessings/hookbridgeu see luv has one crazy way of tellin you it's time/and at first i wasn't sure but,that night when u woke up/ i looked u in your eyes and i knew i was ready/hook

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