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Renee & Jeremy

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About Renee & Jeremy: It all started with a simple idea, really: to make kids'' music that adults could enjoy, not just tolerate - a collection of original songs for parents who appreciate the likes of Jack Johnson, Nick Drake, and Aimee Mann. The result is a treasure chest of luminous harmonies and sophisticated lullabies. Quiet time music for the whole family to enjoy together.

From the moment Renee and Jeremy became a duo there musical energy has almost been palpable. The title track on it''s a big world came to Jeremy on a walk with his 1-year-old son, Ezra - after wondering what life would be like through his eyes. And Renee crafted her haunting and minimalist lullaby, Powder Blue, out of her own meditations on motherhood before becoming one herself. The duo vowed not to be afraid to let the odd minor key shade a little dark into the album''s sunny canvas, and to have fun with their lyrics without straying from the underlying positive message.

Jeremy Toback has released two critically acclaimed CDs on RCA, 1997''s Perfect Flux Thing and 1999''s Another True Fiction which yielded the radio hit, "You Make Me Feel", before parting with the label in 2001. He is an original member of the band Brad along with Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam, and later went on to found his own record label for yoga music.

Tracks from Renee Stahl''s first CD, Melancholy Pop, have been featured on television series such as Roswell, Wonderfalls, and Party of Five. Her latest release, Hopeful Romantic, distributed nationally by Barnes & Noble Booksellers.

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by: Renee & Jeremy
Uploaded by: JeremyToback
Written by: Renee Stahl & Jeremy Toback

rockabye my baby now
rockabye my love
rockabye my baby now
rockabye my love

here's a little lullaby
here's a little song
here's a little lullaby
show you nothing's wrong

what you gonna take when you walk from me
what you gonna make of your world to be
what you gonna sing with your harmony
learn to be yourself and you'll always be

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