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Geoff Lapp 's news flash

Geoff Lapp Trio in Top Ten for months at Ourstage.com
posted August 12

Voting continues at OURSTAGE.com

Vote for the Geoff Lapp Trio in the JAZZ genre at ourstage.com

We have entered 2 groovy jazz tunes- "Zack In The Box" and "Yo Bro" in a contest at Ourstage.com.

We have now been in the Top Ten for months.

Here is how to vote:

(i) Log on to Ourstage.com
(ii) REGISTER:then head over to JUDGE and cast your vote at this genre:Jazz Its on the bottom left
(iii) You never know when the tunes will come around, so please be patient as you wait for the chance to vote

Geoff Lapp