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Songwriters needed who can write ballads Songwriters needed who can write ballads
My production company is looking for ballads in any style that could be used as love songs. No lyrics required although a sample melody line will be appreciated.

You will be paid $50 per licensing and the same song could earn money, month after month.

Your song will not be released or broadcast and you are free to market it as you like.

Your song will be used by amateur singers to sing to their loved ones. The songs may be used as gifts at weddings, engagements, valentines days etc. You will receive a copy of each time somebody sings over your song.

The singer will have no copyright to the song and you will retain full rights and can withdraw at any time.

You also have the opportunity if somebody likes your work but wants their own song written upon which we'll approach you for a quote and do an agreement thereon.
Your production must be good and can be in any style as long as it's a ballad.
This is a great way to earn possible ongoing income from your songs. No limit to how many songs we could use of yours.

Submitted by: fourseasons   | http://www.yourownlovesong.co.za Submit your music
Start Date: 03/07/2013  End Date: [Ongoing]  | Usage: Audio Projects  | License Fee:  $50.00

More Info:

Four Seasons Music Productions is a production company specialising in unsigned artists.

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