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Drywall Therapy

Website: www.myspace.com/drywalltherapy
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About Drywall Therapy: Drywall Therapy is a studio project collaboration between producer/songwriter/DJ Brandon Bogle and singer/guitarist/songwriter Ajoy Bhattacharjee. The music is the result of combining various elements of several genres to experiment and create interesting music.

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Play Song  All We Have (State of Matter Remix)

by: Drywall Therapy
Uploaded by: DrywallTherapy

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Type: Song
Subject: appreciating what you have
Genres: Electronic , Techno , Trance
Moods: Atmospheric , Cool , Emotional , Melancholic , Peaceful , Pensive , Romantic , Sad
Styles: Dramatic Soundtrack
Instruments: Drum Machine , Piano , Strings , Synthesizer , Vocals
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