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Website: myspace.com/rajomo
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About Rajomo: To dream of hearing harmonious music, omens pleasure and prosperity. Rajomo takes frequencies from the air and makes them comprehensible to his listeners. Take a listen.

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Play Song  i believe in a love that's forever

by: Rajomo
Uploaded by: rajomo

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Type: Song
Subject: love, forever, believe
Genres: Dance , Disco , Electronic , Euro Pop , Pop
Moods: Dancing , Ecstatic , Energetic , Epic , Flirtatious , Groovy , Happy , Romantic , Suggestive
Styles: Beach Party , Frat Party , Inspirational , Inspirational/Christian , Motivational , Nightclub , Nineties (1990s) , Party
Instruments: Computer , Drum Machine , Flute , Keyboard/Synthesizer , Recorder , Sampler , Vocals , Voice Samples
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