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Sister Company

Website: info@sistercompany.co.uk
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About Sister Company: Sister Company (writers Stephen Davies and Mary-Bernadette Baker) is an unusually prolific band. We have been trading on our own label (Rope Records) since 2007. We always have a great deal of new material on the burner, and are now looking to license some of our extensive and stylistically eclectic catalogue.

Most of our material is in English, although not all (see below), and we see ourselves as cutting-edge competition for emerging contemporary UK indie artists. We plan to play several European festivals this year, before finally uploading our catalogue to iTunes.

Depending on the purpose and extent of the proposed use for our songs, we shall be fair and accommodating, approaching each individual synch. agreement with an open mind.

Our USPs include songs in four languages (English, French, German and Spanish). Some of our lyrics will probably figure amongst the best you have ever come across, in all four of the languages we write in, and we pride ourselves on this point.

We cover a healthy diversity of subject matter, and although we usually classify our 'sound' as indie-pop-rock, we are very tuneful without being trite, and we have also produced a lot of indie-dance and disco, a fair amount of powerpop and some more experimental psychedelic rock. We have an easily-recognisable sound across just about all of the genres we play in, a feature of our MySpace since 2006.

We hope you enjoy our music.

Stephen Davies (Sister Company).

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Play Song  Animal Truth

by: Sister Company
Uploaded by: RopeRecords

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Type: Song
Subject: Animal instinct versus the mundane lies which surround us
Genres: Alternative , Brit Pop , Indie , Pop
Moods: Anthemic , Bittersweet , Bouncy , Dancing , Energetic , Erotic , Flirtatious , Groovy , Lively , Melancholic
Styles: Confusion , Desire , Eighties (1980s) , Excitement , Explicit Lyrics , Fanfare , Fashion Show , Party , Sex
Instruments: Bass - Electric , Brass , Drum Kit , Drum Machine , Female backing , Guitar - Electric , Horns , Trombone , Trumpet , Vocals
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