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Gennady Sherman

Website: cdbaby.com/cd/gennadysherman
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About Gennady Sherman: Gennady Sherman began studying music at the age of 7 in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was a privilege to grow up in a place with so rich musical culture. Once he barely learned the basics of playing, Gennady started picking popular tunes by ear and transcribing them, as well as composing his own. At the encouragement of his piano teacher, Gennady began studying composition and, at the age of 10, debuted with his original tunes. During his years in high school he accompanied the school theater at times, but most of all enjoyed playing in a school band. Gennady played his first gig at the age of 14. Like many other young people of his generation, Gennady went to pursue a technical career. In college, however, he continued playing in a band and, shortly after graduation and starting his work career, Gennady entered musical college to study Jazz composition and arrangement. He has been playing gigs around town, and his original tunes and arrangements of the popular songs were very well received by the audience. With a marriage, raising a family and later, immigration to the USA (in 1989), Gennady had very little time for music, but a strong desire to play and compose never let him quit. He played gigs in Baltimore, held a part-time job accompanying ballet classes in a local Arts Center, and spent hours in local studios studying music recording. Gennady’s first CD, “Goodbye, My Dream”, released in 2007, is a journey to the world of soul searching, a quest for universal harmony through the Art of Muses…

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Play Song  Sunrise in Sedona

by: Gennady Sherman
Uploaded by: tfaulk26

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: Nature, sun, peace
Genres: New Age
Moods: Atmospheric , Calm , Dreamy , Friendly , Good , Heavenly , Hopeful , Hypnotic , Light , Meditative , Peaceful , Relaxed , Reverent , Serene
Styles: Dramatic Soundtrack , Inspirational , Nature/Science/Cultural , Travel Channel
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar , French Horn , Harp , Horns , Keyboard/Synthesizer , Ocarina , Percussion , Sampler , Strings , Voice Samples
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Goodbye, My Dream
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