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Power Plastique

Website: www.myspace.com/prostheticbill
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About Power Plastique: Power Plastique is able to cross genre-borders with ease, able to make a track in virtually any style under the sun. With combined histories in jazz improvisation, classical composition, rock stylings, and slick synthesized production, Power Plastique has honed a sound that is both cutting-edge and crackly-vintage at the same time.

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Play Song  Sorrow in the Streets

by: Power Plastique
Uploaded by: PowerPlastique

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: A vintage sounding Dance/House number with three different sections to build and release tension. Distant, slightly distorted-sounding strings lead the pack, with organ, guitars, and bass coming in to bring the groove to the main beat. Driving dance rhythms throughout, with a fair amount of swishy, ominous sound design thrown to add some change to the repetetive sections. Very danceable and infectious, overall...
Genres: Dance , Electronic , Funk , House Music , Techno
Moods: Atmospheric , Bouncy , Dancing , Funky , Hypnotic , Smooth , Sweeping
Styles: Fashion Show , Hi-Tech , Motivational , Party , Seventies (1970s) , TV Drama
Instruments: Bass - Electric , Drum Machine , Electric Organ , Guitar - Electric , Sampler , Strings , Synthesizer
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