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Website: www.kingroma.co.uk
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About Kingroma: The music can be generally described as guitar infused electronica mixed with ambient soundscapes, fuzzy bass, balls-out guitar, thrashing drums and radiant keyboards producing a mixture of alternative instrumental music with soul, depth and emotion. Some tracks are dance orientated some are dreamy & ethereal , while others are more guitar aggressive, its an eclectic mix but it''s all ear kandy and a joyous cacophony of sound!

Using real instruments in the form of rhythm/lead and bass guitars, combining the machinery of electronic music - synths, samplers, drum machines and computers to give a cool diverse range of 21st century music.

So far kingroma music has been used for the soundtracks to fashion shows in the UK, produced music for a modern dance company had music used in a budget independent British film and music can be found in various websites.

I am open to producing work for anybody who wants music for any reason! Any Interesting project ideas are considered. If you would like to incorporate any of these songs into your work for commercial use such as TV / Radio / Film / Advertisements or any type of Multimedia then contact me:-


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