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Website: stonehinged.ning.com/profile/IanBurrage
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About Stonehead: Hi
I am an independant songwriter/musician who likes nothing more than locking myself away in my studio for hours and making noise ... hopefully nice noise :)
I have been a gigging/recording drummer for many years but I have always run my own recording side projects and I have recently joined two online collaboration networks where I have made good friends with whom I continue to make good music with.
I have never really promoted my music but a friend suggested that I should ... so here goes.
Thanks for reading this and I hope you like what you hear.

Ian (Stonehead)

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by: Stonehead
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Type: Song
Subject: A short stomping rock song about love and obsession.How you cant live without someone you love even if they tear you apart
Genres: Alternative , Brit Pop , Classic Rock , Garage Rock , Glam Rock , Hard Rock , Indie , Punk , Rock , Soft Rock
Moods: Aggressive , Anxious , Confused , Disillusioned , Emotional , Energetic , Intense , Sorry , Worried
Styles: Anger , Desire , Friendship , Heartbreak , Love , Obsession , Sadness , Sex , TV Youth Drama , Uncertainty
Instruments: Bass - Electric , Computer , Cymbals , Drum Kit , Drums , Electric Organ , Guitar - Electric , High Hat , Keyboard/Synthesizer , Male Backing , Synthesizer , Vocals
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