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Oblique Formation

Website: www.obliqueformation.com
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About Oblique Formation: From 1986 – 1987 in a bedroom of a house in Bellaire, Texas, two brothers named Ryan and Laurance produced an album together entitled Oblique Formation. Less than twenty homemade cassette tapes were given to friends and released to a few select stores in Houston. A lot has changed in the 20 plus years since these recordings were made. One thing still remains and that is the quality of the songs.

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by: Oblique Formation
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Type: Song
Subject: Love at first sight
Genres: Electro , Electronic , Emo , New Wave , Synth , Underground
Moods: Anxious , Cautious , Dark , Dramatic , Haunting , Mysterious , Naive , Strange
Styles: Adversity , Eighties (1980s) , Inner Turmoil , Obsession , Unsolved Mystery
Instruments: Drum Machine , Synthesizer , Vocals
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Oblique Formation
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