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Dan Pound

Website: www.danpound.com
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About Dan Pound: Dan Pound composes and produces ambient electronic, new age, world/shamanic, space-music soundscapes.

Several of Dan’s songs have received airplay on many ambient radio programs, including the widely syndicated NPR FM program, Hearts Of Space, as well as many others.
In September of 2009, Dan was named Artist of the month on the on-line web radio site, Stillstream.com, which is heard around the globe.
Many of Dan’s CD releases have been ranked in several on-air programs’ monthly and yearly top release lists. Programs like Stars End, Mystic Music, Inner Visions, Galactic Travels, Ultima- Thule, Secret Music, Morning Fog and many others.

Dan plays a variety of instruments including but not limited to:

Analog and digital hard and soft synths, guitars, E-bow, bass, didgeridoo, Native American Lakota flutes, Ocarina, Frame drum, djembe, clay pots, Tibetan singing bowls, other various shamanic percussion, harmonicas, voice, samplers, gear and other processors and sound shaping devices, field recordings.

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Play Song  Dream Circle

by: Dan Pound
Uploaded by: ccidude

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: Ancestral dreams
Genres: Ambient , Avant Garde , Chill-out , Electronic , Minimalist , New Age , Psychedelic , Underground , Yoga Music
Moods: Atmospheric , Haunting , Hypnotic , Jangly , Mysterious , Mystical , Repetitive , Smokey , Soaring , Spacey
Styles: Danger , Espionage , Gothic/Classic Horror , Hi-Tech , Mystery , Nature/Science/Cultural , Psychedelic , Sci-Fi , Unsolved Mystery
Instruments: Computer , Keyboard/Synthesizer , Synthesizer
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